Hermeneutics of Old Russian Literature: Issue 5: 11th – early 14th cs.

Russian Academy of Sciences; A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature; Society of Researchers of Old Russia; ex. ed. A.A. Kosorukov. Мoscow, Print. of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Publ., 1992. 497 p. (In Russ.)



Rjiga V.F.

Speech Harmony in The Tale of Igor’s Campaign

P. 5–29

Amelkin A.S.

About the Author of The Tale of Igor’s Campaign

P. 30–50

Butler F.

Hero and Beasts: Two Motifs of the Old German Epic in The Tale of Igor’s Campaign

P. 51–60

Demin A.S.

Visual Animalism in The Tale of Igor’s Campaign and The Tale of Mamai Massacre

P. 61–98

Karsanov A.N.

“Gothic Maidens” in The Tale of Igor’s Campaign

P. 99–112

Karsanov A.N.

Wind Spiritualization in The Tale of Igor’s Campaign

P. 113–123

Kosorukov A.A.

Favorite Ideas - Legends - Facts. (Images of Vseslav of Polotsk in the Chronicles,
in The Tale of Igor’s Campaign and the image of Volkh Vseslavyevich in Epics

P. 124–228

Kravchenko A.S.

Explanatory Translation of the Word “Zegzica”

P. 229–256

Kravchenko A.S.

Conjectural Editing of the Word “Paporzi”

P. 257–262




Derzhavina E.A.

Cultural Ties of Old Kiev.

(Article On the Macedonian Months in the Sviatoslav’s Anthology, 1073)

P. 263–271

Dobrodomov I.G.

Correlation of Onomastic Data from Byzantine and Russian Sources

(by the Example of the Name TOGORTAK, TUGORKAN and TUGARIN)

P. 272–284

Kamchatnov A.M.

On the Symbolic Interpretation of the Semantic Evolution of the Words “Face” and “Image”

P. 285–300

Krasheninnikova O.A.

Old Russian Octoechos of the 14th Century

and the Problem of Hymnographic Manuscripts Typology

P. 301–315

Maksimovich K.A.

Phoenix Bird in Old Russian Literature (On the Image Interpretation)

P. 316–334

Moldovan A.M.

Prologue’s Edition of The Life of Andrew of Constantinople

P. 335–349

Nikitin A.L.

About the Deed to the “Land of Bojan”

P. 350–369

Uzhankov A.N.

To the Question of the Time of Writing of the “Tale”

and “Reading” about Boris and Gleb

P. 370–412

Schegoleva L.I.

Putyatina Menaion: from text to interpretation

P. 413–497