History of Old Russian literature: Analytical Guide / Lomonosov Moscow State University; A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature, RAS; ex. ed. A.S. Demin. Moscow, Yazyki slavyanskih kul'tur Publ., 2008. 820 p. (In Russ.)


Abstract: Group of authors consists of teachers from Lomonosov Moscow State University and researchers from A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature - jointly created a new type of research in the form of a manual on Old Russian literature. This book is not a university textbook with a set of information necessary for students to answer examinations and tests, although the proposed book can be very useful for such a pragmatic goal. This is an analytical study containing a detailed analysis of old Russian literary texts and, above all, answering the question of why the old Russian texts were written, what was their meaning. The main thing in this study is to substantiate the characteristics of old Russian works in a relatively accessible form, to reveal a system of evidence leading to one or another conclusion, and not categorically report these conclusions in a ready-made form. Scientific thinking with evidentiary cause-and-effect relationships is developed with great difficulty, and in this case the published research may prove useful.

Group of authors: A.V. Arkhangelskaya, O.V. Gladkova, A.S. Demin, A.A. Ilyushin, F.S. Kapitsa, V.M. Kirillin, M.A. Korotchenko, M.Yu. Ljustrov, D.S. Mendeleeva, A.A. Pautkin, A.M. Ranchin.

Old Russian literature: To help teachers, high school students and applicants, сomp. A.S. Demin, M.V. Pervushin. Moscow, Izd-vo Moskovskogo un-ta Publ., 2018. 176 p. (In Russ.)


Abstract: The book is a manual, containing a broad analysis of old Russian literary texts devoted to the Russian literature of the 11th – early 18th centuries. The basis of the collection is the work of staff members from the Department of Old Slavic Literatures of A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature, RAS and teachers from Lomonosov Moscow State University. The book is written for school teachers, high school students, applicants, students, as well as all enthusiast of old literature.

Group of authors: A.V. Arkhangelskaya, A.S. Demin, M.V. Kaplun, V.M. Kirillin, M.Yu. Ljustrov, D.S. Mendeleeva, A.A. Pautkin, M.V. Pervushin, O.A. Tufanova.


Mendeleeva D.S. The history of Old Russian literature: tutorial for students of higher education institutions. 2nd ed., corr. and add. Moscow, Academy Publ., 2012. 363, [1] p. (In Russ.)


Abstract: The tutorial was created in accordance with the Learning standards (Russia) in the direction of training 032700 - Philology (bachelor qualification). The textbook is intended to acquaint students with the most interesting works of Russian literature of the 11th – 17th centuries and make them have a comprehensive view of this period of Russian history, recalling the main events of the state and cultural life of Russia. Much attention is paid to quotations from literary texts intended to develop students’ reading and artistic analysis skills of old Russian texts. In the second edition, the errors and shortcomings noted in the text of the manual were corrected, and sections were added devoted to the analysis of a number of old Russian works - the Galicia-Volhynia chronicle, regional literatures, etc. For students of philological faculties of higher educational institutions.