DSc in Philology,

Leading Researcher,

Department of Old Slavic Literatures, IWL RAS

Education: graduated from the School of Philology, Moscow State Pedagogical University (at the time Moscow State

V.I. Lenin Pedagogical Institute) cum laude (1986)

PhD thesis: The Concept of Man and Ways of Depicting Historical Persons in the Letters of Ivan the Terrible (1991)

DSc (Habil.) thesis: Russian Medieval Publicism: the Problem of Creative Individuality: Ivan Peresvetov, Ivan the Terrible, Andrey Kurbsky (2001)

Research interests: poetics and hermeneutics of Old Russian literature, poetics and hermeneutics of the 16th century Russian literature, historical phenomenology, history and theory of the humanities.

Professional Service

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Russia XXI

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Istoricheskaia Ekspertiza

Member of the Editorial Board of the Serial Scientific Edition Hermeneutics of Old Russian Literature

Member of Dissertation Councils in RSUH Д 212.198.12 и Д 212.198.04 on Philological Sciences



Losev Prize MSPU (twice) for participating in the preparation of the publication A.S. Pushkin. School Encyclopedic Dictionary and the textbook Old Russian literature.

Academic publications — over 140, including 6 monographs and collective works.

Selected publications


  • The Literary Custom of Old Russia (11th – 17th centuries). Moscow; St. Petersburg, Centr gumanitarnyh iniciativ Publ., 2018. 720 p. In Russ.
  • The Literary Custom of Old Russia (11th – 16th centuries). Moscow, ROSSPEN Publ., 2011. 551 p. In Russ.
  • Science and Quasi-Science: Monograph. E.N. Gnatik, V.N. Danilov, A.V. Karavashkin [et al.]. Moscow, Al'fa-M Publ., 2008. 318 p. In Russ.
  • Russian Medieval Publicism: Ivan Peresvetov, Ivan the Terrible, Andrey Kurbsky. Moscow, Prometei Publ., 2000. 418 p. In Russ.
  • Karavashkin A.V., Yurganov A.L. Doxa Region. Source Study of Culture. Moscow, RSUH Publ., 2005. 209 p. In Russ.
  • Karavashkin A.V., Yurganov A.L. The Experience of Historical Phenomenology: the Difficult Path to Evidence. Moscow, RSUH Publ., 2003. 381 p. In Russ.


Collective works

  • Old Russian Literature of the 11th – 17th Centuries. Moscow, Vlados Publ., 2003 (co-authorship L.A. Olshevskaya, S.N. Travnikov). In Russ.
  • “Topos of Righteous and Evil Authority in Vassian Rylo’s The Message on the Ugra.” Literature of Old Russia: a Collective Monograph. Moscow, Prometei Publ., 2011. P. 58–73. In Russ.


Selected Essays 

  • Ivan The Terrible and Andrey Kurbsky: a Conflict of  Interpretations. Studia Litterarum, 2020, vol. 5, no 1, pp. 148–161. In Russ.
  • The Polemic Texts of Ivan the Terrible: A Study of the Most Important Bestiary Symbols (“Dog” and “Asp”). The New Philological Bulletin, 2020, no 2(53), pp. 109–118. In Russ.
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2005 – present time ― Professor of the Department of History of Russian Classical Literature, Institute of Philology and History RSUH and Department of the History of Russia of the Middle Ages and the New Time of Historical Archives Institute RSUH (Russian State University for the Humanities).

Lecture courses: History of Old Russian Literature, History of Russian Culture, The Main Problems of the History of Russian Literature, History of Russia before the Beginning of the 20th Century, History of Russia of the 15th – 18th centuries, Management of Course and Diploma works.