Hermeneutics of Old Russian Literature: Issue 14

A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature; Society of Researchers of Old Russia; ex. ed. F.S. Kapitsa. Moscow, Rukopisnye pamyatniki Drevnei Rusi Publ., 2010. 904 p. (In Russ.)


Tufanova O.A.

Avvakum’s Works: the Tragic Poetics

P. 9–140

Kapitsa F.S.

Old Printed Prologue (Study and Texts)

P. 141–184

Uzhankov A.N.

Theory of the Stage Development of Russian Literature
of the 11th – the first third of the 18th Centuries and Literary Formations

P. 185–257

Kapitsa F.S., Kolyadich T.M.

The Image of Old Russia in the Modern Prose

P. 258–357



Vereshchagin E.M.

The Behavioral Paradigm of the Maccabees Martyrs and its Influence:
a Philological Interpretation

P. 360–397

Gladkova O.V.

To the Question of the Symbolic Subtext
of the Tale of Abba Gerasimus and the Lion from the Sinai Patericon

P. 398–437

Demin A.S.

Symbolism and Representation in Old Russian Works of the 11th – 13th Centuries
(The Tale of Bygone Years, The Sermon on Law and Grace, The Tale of Igor’s Campaign,
The Sermon of Daniel the Immured)

P. 438–456

Demin A.S.

The Tale of Bygone Years and The Chronicle by George Hamartolos
(To the Question of the Narrative Evolution of the Annals)

P. 457–483

Saveliev V.S.

Communicative Event in the View of the Old Russian Scribe (Based on The Tale of Bygone Years)

P. 484–516

Chernaya L.A.

A Bird on a Fiery Chariot (the Image of the Human Soul in Old Russian culture)

P. 517–527

Kolyadich T.M.

The Search for the Individual. Formation of the Paradigm of Memories

(To the Statement of the Problem)

P. 528–551

Chinyakova G.P.

The Word of Palladium Mnich in the Russian Manuscript Book Tradition

P. 552–567

Kirillin V.M.

Mysterious Poetics of the Tale of Mamai Massacre

P. 568–627

Trofimova N.V.

The Tale of Sviatoslav’s III Vsevolodovich Campaign on the Volga Bulgars
in 1220 in the Chronicles of the 15th – 16th Centuries

P. 628–640

Bahturina R.V.

South Russian Dialectisms in the Text of the 16th Century Trustee
(To the History of Translation)

P. 641–651

Hunt P.

Avvakum’s Fifth Petition to the Tsar and Ritual Process

P. 652–689

Bashlykova M.E.

On Some Features of the Structure of the Saints Lives in the Kiev Pechersk Patericon

P. 690–707

Arkhangelskaya A.V.

The Image of Animals in the Russian Poetry Facetiae of the 18th Century

P. 708–717



Pautkin A.A.

Chronological List of Works by Professor A.A. Pautkin

P. 721–725

Pautkin A.A.

V.M. Garshin and Old Believers’ Literature of the 17th Century (Notes on Art Exhibitions)

P. 726–732

Pautkin A.A.

Old Russian Literacy in the Literary World of A.N. Tolstoy

(To the Problem of the Relationship Between Medieval and New Literatures)

P. 733–743



Travnikov S.N., Olshevskaya L.A.

A Journey to the Holy Land by Varlaam Lenitsky:

Research and Publication of the Text

P. 747–796

Kapitsa F.S.

Materials to the Study of Old Printed Prologue

P. 797–882

Aleksandrov V.A..

Archival Materials on Old Russian Literature and Culture
in the Department of Manuscripts of the Russian State Library

P. 883–904