Hermeneutics of Old Russian Literature: Issue 13

 A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature; Society of Researchers of Old Russia; ex. ed. D.S. Mendeleeva. Moscow, Znak Publ., 2008. 878 p. (In Russ.)



About Moscow Seminar of Researchers of Old Russia

P. 9–10



Ljustrov M.Yu.

Russian-Swedish Literary Connections in the 17th – 18th Centuries

P. 13–272

Pozhidaeva G.A.

Alphabet of Non-Octoechos Singing.
Research Experience of the Notation from the Point of View of the Foundations of Musical Vocabulary

P. 273–384




Alpatov S.V.

To the Interpretation of the Folklore Component of Old Russian Everyday Writing

P. 387–395

Demin A.S.

Comparison of “aky voda” in The Tale of Boris and Gleb and the Pity of Vladimir Monomakh

P. 397–412

Maksimov V.I.

Invisible Eclipses and Fake Solar Symbols
(in the Wake of the Publications of A.L. Nikitin and A.N. Robinson)

P. 413–424

Vilkul T.L.

“Literary Edition” of the Chronicle (on Inserts from the Alexandria Chronograph
in the Kiev Collection of the 12th Century)

P. 425–446



Kuzmin A.V..

Surnames that Lost Princely Title in the 14th – the First Third of the 15th Centuries
(Part 2: Porkhov, Kuzmin, Satine – Shonurovy)

P. 447–494

Kazimova G.A.

Psalter Quotes in the Extensive Word, Setting Out with Pity of the Disorder and Disfavour
of the Kings and Authorities of the Last Century
by Maximus the Greek

P. 495–521

Kazimova G.A.

On the Issue of Textology of the Extensive Word by Maximus the Greek

P. 523–536

Gladkova O.V.

On the Question of the Sources and Symbolic Subtext
of The Tale of Peter and Fevronia by Hermolaus-Erasmus

P. 537–569

Simonov R.A.

Time Measurement in the Series of Renounced Knowledge

P. 571–600

Orlova L.M.

The Life of Basil the Blessed as The Text of Old Russian Hagiography of the 16th Century
(Problems of Textual and Literary History of the Work)

P. 601–623



Mendeleeva D.S.

In the Search of an Author of the Tale of Azov Siege of Don Cossacks

P. 625–640

Khabarova O.V.

About One Episode of The Life of Juliana of Lazarevo

P. 641–643

Marello T.V.

On the Issue of the Original Edition of The Tale of Theodore Icon

P. 645–672

Kapitsa F.S.

Folk Stories in the Printed Prologue

P. 673–690

Ranchin A.M.

Traditional and New in the Note on the Life of Ivan Neronov

P. 691–699

Demin A.S.

Deceitfulness of the “Life” as an Literary Idea of the Tale of Woe and Misfortune

P. 701–710

Antropova N.A.

Stories about Miracles in the Works of Avvakum and Epiphanius as a Social Phenomenon

P. 711–752

Rykov Yu.D.

The Newly Acquired Vladimir Collection of the Last Quarter of the 17th Century
with a Brief Chronicle-Pedigree Article and a Brief Chronicler of Old Years

P. 753–848

Schegoleva L.I.

Song of Songs in Hymnography and in A.S. Pushkin’s Works: Two Readings of One Text

P. 849–870



Chronicle of Meetings of the Society of Researchers of Old Russia

(Reports No. 631–675)

P. 871–875