Hermeneutics of Old Russian Literature: Issue 2: 16th – beginning 18th cs.

Academy of Sciences of the USSR, A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature; ex. ed. A.S. Demin. Moscow, Tip. Min-va kul'tury SSSR Publ., 1989. 484 p. (In Russ.)



From the Editorial Board

P. 3–4




Kalugin V.V.

Book Format Names, Filigree and Paper Grades at the Place of Manufacture

P. 5–18

Kalugin V.V.

The Symbolism of the Plot Centerpiece

(On the Materials of the 16th–17th Centuries of the Moscow Print Yard)

P. 19–34

Bulychev A.A.

On the Publication of the Church Council Resolution of 1620.

In Worldly and Monastic Liturgical book (Moscow, 1639)

P. 35–62

Verkhovskaya E.A.

New in the Subject of Afterwords of Books of the Moscow Press in the
Middle of the XVII Century

P. 63–76

Simonov R.A.

“Monthly Numbers” and “Perpetual Calendar”

P. 77–89

Kosheleva O.E.

“Spiritual Medicine” in the 17th Century Russian Literacy

P. 90–108

Zvonareva L.U.

Graphic Symbolism in the Books

of Francysk Skaryna and Symeon of Polotsk

P. 109–125




Kaliganov I.I.

Typological Features of the Balkan Martyries in the 15th – 17th Centuries

P. 126–137

Tarasova-Kravets E.V.

To the Question about the Language Position of Maximus the Greek

P. 138–148

Krotov M.G.

Epistle of Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich about the Death

of Patriarch Joseph (Sketch from Historical Psychology)

P. 149–178

Eleonskaya A.S.

The Socially Utopian Treatise of the 17th century
(“About Mercy: and of Which Those Who Ask are Worthy of the Essence of Mercy and Who are not Worthy”)

P. 179–191

Isachenko-Lisova T.A.

Translation and Interpretation in the “Ellin-Slovenskaya” School of Evfimi Chudovsky

(On the Material of Pilots, 5th Edition)

P. 192–205

Brun T.A.

On the Dating of the Tale of the Miracles of the Vilna Cross

P. 206–216




Khromov O.R.

“Tsar’s House” in the Cycle of Symeon of Polotsk

P. 217–243

Ilyushin A.A.

From Observations of Texts of Syllabic Poems
of the 17th - Beginning of the 18th Centuries

P. 244–278




Buseva-Davydova I.L.

Symbolism of Architecture According
to Old Russian Written Sources of the 11th – 17th centuries

P. 279–308




Pozhidaeva G.A.

Textology of Texts of Non-Octoechos Chant

P. 309–354

Zvereva S.G.

Sovereigns Singing Clerks after the Time of Troubles (1613–1649)

P. 355–382

Lozovaya I.E.

A word From the Words is Weaving Sweet Singing

P. 383–422

Bogomolova M.V.

Unknown Hook Notation of the Second Half of the 17th Century

P. 423–446




Gromov M.N.

On the Meaning of the Term “Philosopher” in Old Russia

P. 447–480