Hermeneutics of Old Russian Literature: Issue 1: 9th –16th cs.

Academy of Sciences of the USSR, A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature; ex. ed. A.S. Demin. Moscow, Tip. Min-va kul'tury SSSR Publ., 1989. 484 p. (In Russ.)


Demin A.S., Aivazyan M.A., Bylinin V.K., Kuskov V.V., Uzhankov A.N.

From the Editorial Board

P. 3–4

Maldovan, A. M., Yurchenko A. I.

Sermon on Law and Grace by Hilarion and

Big Apologetic by Patriarch Nikephoros

P. 5–18

Yurchenko A. I.

To the Problem of Identification of the Writing about the Right Faith

P. 19–39

Bryusova V.G.

When and where Metropolitan Hilarion was Set?

P. 40–51

Kuskov V.V.

Poetic Phraseology of Anthology, 1076

P. 52–75

Schegoleva L.I.

Slavic Translation and Byzantine Literary Text

P. 76–91

Shchapov Y.N.

The world is up to the army, and the army is up to the world

P. 92–95

Rogachevskaya E.B.

The Use of the Old Testament in the Works of Cyril of Turov

P. 96–105

Levshun L.V.

The Position of Cyril of Turov in the Case of Theodorets
of Rostov and its Reflection in the Word for the Gathering of Saints Fathers

P. 106–122

Nikitin A.L.

Igor’s Сampaign: Poetry and Reality

P. 123–134

Nikitin A.L.

To a Question of Stratification of The Tale of Igor’s Campaign

P. 135-187

Karsanov A.N.

“Revenge to Sharokan” in The Tale of Igor’s Campaign

P. 188–206

Anisimova O.M.

Representations of Truth, Love, Goodness
in Old Russian Literature of the 12th – 13th Centuries

P. 207–230

Pautkin A.A.

Characteristics of the Person in the Chronicle of Princely Obituaries

P. 231–246

Uzhankov A.N.

The Chronicler of Daniel of Galicia: Editions, Time of Creation

P. 247–283

Gritsenko Z.A.

Mysterious “Bdyn” (On One Discrepancy
in the Works about Princess Olga)

P. 284–290

Stelletsky V.I.

Rhythmic Translation of Zadonshchina

P. 291–319

Demin A.S.

Economic Zadonshchina

P. 320–332

Chernov S.Z.

Nature and Everyday Life in the Life of Sergius of Radonezh

P. 333–348

Danilenko B.O.

Semiography of the Contemplative Charter
by the Archbishop of Novgorod Gennady

P. 349–367

Kirillin V.M.

The Tale of Hodegetria of Tikhvin in the Socio-Political
and Cultural Life of Russia in the late 15th – early 16th Centuries

P. 368–406

Turilov A.A., Chernetsov A.V.

To the Cultural and Historical Characteristics of the “Jew” Heresy

P. 407–429

Kuchkin V.A., Dobrodomov I.G.

Kazan History and the Founding of Kazan

P. 430–479