Author: Kirillin V.M.
Imprint: Moscow, Yazyki slavyanskoi kul'tury, Global Kom Publ., 2013. 293 p. (In Russ.)

Abstract: The book contains scientific and popular scientific articles on the issues of textology, archeography, paleography, hermeneutics, poetics of some little studied texts of old Russian literature and literature relating to the 11th–16th centuries. In addition, it gives historical and cultural characteristics of the old Russian educational system and touched upon some issues of history, culture and church life of Old Russia. The main author’s method is in the analysis of certain phenomena of old Russian literature, history, culture is a comprehensive approach that allows you to match the immanent properties of the facts with the broad context of the relevant epoch, to identify their semantic and artistic connections with the field of social ideas and cultural trends of the time.

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