Author: E.N. Gnatik, V.N. Danilov, A.V. Karavashkin [et al.].
Imprint: Moscow, Al'fa-M Publ., 2008. 318 p. (In Russ.)

Abstract: In the collective monograph the phenomenon of quasi-science is investigated. The cultural foundations of astrology, ufology, parapsychology, paramedicine, quasi-history, etc. are being clarified. Particular attention is paid to the most odious form of quasi-science, quasi-scientific mythology. The essence, structure and types of quasi-scientific mythology, the ways of its formation and functioning in the system of spiritual culture are analyzed. The folklore genealogy of quasi-scientific myths is traced. In the field of view of the authors - the future and science, and quasi-science. The study was funded by the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation (Project No. 06-03-00260a). For researchers, teachers, students and graduate students, as well as all interested in the problems of the development of science and culture.