Author: Kirillin V.M.
Imprint: Moscow, Yazyki slavyanskoj kul'tury Publ., 2007. 307 p. (In Russ.)

Abstract: The book examines the original old Russian narratives about the miraculous Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God in the context of medieval culture and specific historical circumstances and is considered from the point of view of their literary fate, ideological and artistic specificity and correlation with the complex of author’s religious, political and aesthetic ideas. In the traditions of the national historical and philological science, the monograph is not only a study: in the appendices to the latter the most important texts for the formation of the entire legend about the Shrine, also genre related text The Tale about the Svyatogorsk icons are published. The work continues the study of old Russian legends about icons, which were barely started by Russian medieval studies, and is intended for historians, philologists, art historians and all those who are interested in the life of old Russian society.


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