Author: Karavashkin A.V., Yurganov A.L.
Imprint: Moscow, RSUH Publ., 2005. 209 p. (In Russ.)

Abstract: The book is devoted to the theoretical foundations of the source study of culture. At the same time, the monograph is a kind of introduction to the phenomenology of real consciousness, designated as the Doxa region. The area of ​​assumptions, opinions, assumptions, attitudes of natural thinking as a subject of methodological reflection attracts the attention of the authors. The object of historical and phenomenological research is substantiated for the first time. The historiographic prerequisites of historical phenomenology are considered as a method for the source study of culture. The book not only contains the formulation of topical issues of the theory of historical knowledge, but also offers its own epistemological solutions. For professionals and all interested in this issue.