Author: Demin A.S.
Imprint: Moscow, Yazyki slavyanskoi kul'tury Publ., 2003. 760 p. (In Russ.)

Abstract: The book develops a new and urgent problem - the history of old Russian literary creativity, integrating poetics, stylistics, textology, ideology and aesthetics of old Russian literature. The main types of the old Russian literary creativity, their signs and evolution within seven and a half centuries are considered. The material for observations are the texts of almost all old genres, from the works of Metropolitan Hilarion and Chronicles to the early Russian drama and poetry of Lomonosov.

The book is a continuation of the previous large monograph by A.S. Demin (On the literary of Old Russian literature. Moscow, 1998) and is a two-volume book on the aesthetic history of literature of Old Russia, the basis of which is laid by the works of F.I. Buslaev, A.S. Orlov, I.P. Eremin, D.S. Likhachev.