Author: Ljustrov M.Yu.
Imprint: Ljustrov M.Yu. Essays on the History of Russian-Swedish Literary Contacts in the 17th – early 19th Century. Moscow, Directmedia Publishing, 2022. 172 p. (In Russian) ISBN 978-5-4499-3027-9. DOI: 10.23681/686555

Abstract: The monograph examines certain aspects of Russian-Swedish literary relations, mainly in the 18th century: it analyzes translations of works of ancient and modern Russian literature into Swedish, and Swedish works of the Gustavian era, containing reviews of Catherine II, and examines Russian-Swedish literary parallels of the 17th–18th centuries and texts from the early 18th century dedicated to the events of the Northern War, its heroes and victims.

The book is addressed to specialists—philologists and historians, university teachers, graduate students, students, and wider audience.